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Pyridoxal phosphate

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Pyridoxal phosphate Basic information
Pyridoxal phosphate Chemical Properties
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Pyridoxal phosphate Usage And Synthesis
  • Chemical PropertiesLight yellow crystalline
  • UsesVitamin (enzyme co-factor).
  • DefinitionThe coenzyme of amino acid metabolism that also is the active group of various decarboxylases and other types of enzymes. It is closely related to pyridoxine.
  • Synthesis Reference(s)Journal of the American Chemical Society, 73, p. 4693, 1951 DOI: 10.1021/ja01154a062
  • Purification MethodsPLP has been purified by dissolving 2g in H2O (10-15mL, in a dialysis bag a third full) and dialysing with gentle stirring against 1L of H2O (+ two drops of toluene) for 15hours in a cold room. The dialysate is evaporated to 80-100mL, then lyophilised. Lemon yellow microscopic needles of the monohydrate remain when all the ice crystals have been removed. The purity is checked by paper chromatography (in EtOH or n-PrOH/NH3) and the spot(s) visualised under UV light after reaction with a spray of p-phenylene diamine, NH3 and molybdate. Solutions stored in a freezer are 2-3% hydrolysed in 3weeks. At 25o, only 4-6% hydrolysis occurs even in N NaOH or HCl, and 2% is hydrolysed at 37o in 1day-but is complete at 100o in 4hours. It is best stored as a dry solid at -20o. In aqueous acid the solution is colourless but is yellow in alkaline solutions. It has UV max at 305nm ( 1100) and 380nm ( 6550) in 0.1 N NaOH; 330nm ( 2450) and 388nm ( 4,900) in 0.05M phosphate buffer pH 7.0 and 295nm ( 6700) in 0.1N HCl. [Peterson et al. Biochemical Preparations 3 34, 119 1953.] The oxime decomposes at 229-230o and is practically insoluble in H2O, EtOH and Et2O. The O-methyloxime decomposes at 212-213o. [Heyl et al. J Am Chem Soc 73 3430 1951.] It has also been purified by column chromatography through Amberlite IRC-50 (H+) [Peterson & Sober J Am Chem Soc 76 169 1954]. [Beilstein 21/13 V 46.]
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