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Basic information Description References Safety Related Supplier
BARIUM SULFIDE Basic information
BARIUM SULFIDE Chemical Properties
  • Melting point:1200°C
  • Density 4.25 g/mL at 15 °C(lit.)
  • form Powder
  • Specific Gravity4.25
  • color Pale gray to yellow
  • Water Solubility Soluble in water but insoluble in alcohol.
  • Sensitive Moisture Sensitive
  • Merck 14,995
  • Stability:Stable, but decomposes on heating. Incompatible with acids, oxidizing agents, water.
  • CAS DataBase Reference21109-95-5(CAS DataBase Reference)
  • NIST Chemistry ReferenceBarium sulfide(21109-95-5)
  • EPA Substance Registry SystemBarium sulfide (21109-95-5)
Safety Information
BARIUM SULFIDE Usage And Synthesis
  • DescriptionBarium sulfide (BaS) belongs to the inorganic compound that possesses different characters, which allows it to be applied in a variety of fields. It is primarily used as an important precursor to produce other barium compounds, such as barium carbonate as well as the pigment lithopone (ZnS•BaSO4). Similar to other chalcogenides of the alkaline earth metals, barium sulfide can be employed as a short short wavelength emitter for electronic displays and used in electronics, paint pigments, dehairing hides, flame retardant, luminous paints, and producing pure hydrogen sulfide. Besides, barium sulfide is effective to deviate X-rays and helps to give clearly image of the soft tissue.
  • References
  • Chemical Propertiescolourless crystals, or white to grey-brown powder,
  • Physical propertiesColorless crystalline solid; density 4.25 g/cm3; refractive index 2.155; melts at 1,200°C; soluble in water (decomposes); insoluble in alcohol.
  • OccurrenceBarium sulfide occurs in the form of black ash, which is a gray to black impure product obtained from high temperature carbonaceous reduction of barite. It is the starting material in the manufacture of most barium compounds including barium chloride and barium carbonate. It is used in luminous paints; for dehairing hides; as a flame retardant; and for generating H2S.
  • UsesAs depilatory; in luminous paints; manufacture of lithopone; vulcanizing rubber, generating H2S.
  • Production MethodsBarium sulfide is grayish-white solid, formed by heating barium sulfate and carbon, reactive with H2O to form barium hydrosulfide, Ba(SH)2, solution. The latter is also made by saturation of barium hydroxide solution with H2S. Barium polysulfides are formed by boiling barium hydrosulfide with sulfur.
  • PreparationBarium sulfide can be prepared by the direct reaction of the elements, calcined in an inert atmosphere, at a 1:1.05 molecular ratio:
    Barium sulfide is prepared commercially by heating barite (BaO) with coal or petroleum coke in a rotary kiln at 1000°C to 1250°C in an oxygen-free atmosphere. The product, black ash, is a gray or black powder containing carbonaceous impurities and unreacted barite. Barium sulfide is separated from impurities by extraction with hot water and filtration. Barium sulfide may also be made by high temperature reduction of barium sulfate with methane.
  • HazardHighly toxic by ingestion (see Barium).
  • Safety ProfileA poison. Flammable by spontaneous chemical reaction, air, moisture, or acid fumes may cause it to ignite. For explosion and disaster hazards, see SULFIDES. To fight fire, use CO2, dry chemical. Reacts violently with phosphorus(V) oxide. Mxtures with lead dioxide, potassium chlorate, or potassium nitrite explode when heated. Incompatible with Cl2O, Ca(NO3)2, r(NO3)2, Ca(ClO3)2, Sr(ClO3)2, (ClO3)2. See also BARIUM COMPOUNDS (soluble) and SULFIDES.
BARIUM SULFIDE Preparation Products And Raw materials
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