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Gallamine triethiodide

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Gallamine triethiodide Basic information
Gallamine triethiodide Chemical Properties
  • Melting point:235 °C (dec.)(lit.)
  • Density 1.4288 (estimate)
  • storage temp. 2-8°C
  • solubility H2O: 100 mg/mL
  • form powder
  • color Crystals from Me2CO (aq)
  • Merck 13,4364
Safety Information
Gallamine triethiodide Usage And Synthesis
  • Chemical PropertiesWhite Solid
  • UsesGallamine Triethiodide is used as a neuromuscular blocking agent, paralyzing locally during anesthetization.
  • UsesMuscle relaxant;M2 antagonist allosteric
  • General DescriptionGallamine triethiodide,[v-phenenyl-tris(oxyethylene)]tris[triethylammonium] triiodide(Flaxedil), is a skeletal muscle relaxant that works byblocking neuromuscular transmission in a manner similar tothat of d-tubocurarine (i.e., a nondepolarizing blockingagent). It does have some differences, however. It has astrong vagolytic effect and a persistent decrease in neuromuscularfunction after successive doses that cannot be overcome by cholinesterase inhibitors. Gallamine triethiodidealso has muscarinic antagonistic properties and bindswith greater affinity to the M2 receptors than to the M1 receptor.This latter characteristic may cause its strongvagolytic action.
  • Clinical UseGallamine Triethiodide is contraindicated in patients with myastheniagravis, and one should remember that its action is cumulative,as with curare. The antidote for gallamine triethiodideis neostigmine.
  • Safety ProfilePoison by ingestion, subcutaneous, intravenous, parenteral, intraduodenal, intraperitoneal, and intramuscular routes. Whenheated to decomposition it emits very toxic fumes of NH3, NOx, and Ií.
Gallamine triethiodide Preparation Products And Raw materials
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