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Cobalt oxide

Basic information Uses Preparation Toxicity Safety Related Supplier
Cobalt oxide Basic information
Cobalt oxide Chemical Properties
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Cobalt oxide Usage And Synthesis
  • UsesCobalt(II) oxide is used as a pigment for ceramics and paints; for drying paints, varnishes and oils; for coloring glass; as a catalyst; and for preparation of other cobalt salts. The commercial product is a mixture of cobalt oxides.
  • PreparationCobalt(II) oxide is prepared by heating cobalt(II) carbonate, CoCO3, cobalt(III) oxide, Co2O3 or tricobalt tetroxide, Co3O4, at high temperatures in a neutral or slightly reducing atmosphere:
    CoCO3 → CoO + CO2
  • ToxicityCobalt(II) oxide is moderately toxic by ingestion and subcutaneous and intratracheal routes.
    LD50 oral (rat): 202 mg/kg
  • DescriptionThis is obtained as an olive-green powder by heating the metal in air or steam or by thermal decomposition of the hydroxide, carbonate or nitrate. It has the sodium chloride lattice and is antiferromagnetic below 292°K. When heated in oxygen above 400° the black oxide Co3O4 is obtained. This oxide is isomorphous with magnetite Fe3O4, and has tetrahedrally surrounded cobalt(II) ions and octahedrally surrounded cobalt(III) ions. Both these oxides are readily reduced to the metal by heating in hydrogen or with carbon. The reactions of CoO with silica, alumina and zinc oxide are used to form pigments in the ceramic industry.
  • Chemical PropertiesBlack powder
  • Physical propertiesThe commercial product is usually dark grey powder, but the color may vary from olive geeen to brown depending on particle size; density 6.44 g/cm3, which also may vary between 5.7 to 6.7 g/cm3, depending on the method of preparation; melts around 1,830°C; insoluble in water; soluble in acids and alkalis.
  • UsesIn pigments for ceramics; glass coloring and decolorization; oxidation catalyst for drying oils, fast-drying paints and varnishes; preparation of cobalt-metal catalysts, Co powder for binder in sintered tungsten carbide; in semiconductors.
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