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Cerium dioxide

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Cerium dioxide Basic information
Cerium dioxide Chemical Properties
  • Melting point:2600°C
  • Density 7.13 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
  • storage temp. Storage temperature: no restrictions.
  • form powder
  • color Yellow
  • Specific Gravity7.132
  • OdorOdorless
  • Water Solubility insoluble
  • Merck 14,1989
  • Stability:Stable, but absorbs carbon dioxide from the air.
  • CAS DataBase Reference1306-38-3(CAS DataBase Reference)
  • NIST Chemistry ReferenceCerium dioxide(1306-38-3)
  • EPA Substance Registry SystemCerium oxide (CeO2) (1306-38-3)
Safety Information
Cerium dioxide Usage And Synthesis
  • DescriptionCerium (IV) oxide (chemical formula: CeO2) is an oxide of the rare earth metal cerium. It appears as yellow-white powder. It is an important intermediate during the purification of the Ce element from the ores. It is mainly used in formulations in industry as a high-precision polishing agent for glass products. It can also be used in infrared filters, and used as an oxidizing compound in the catalytic converters as well as a replacement for thorium dioxide in the incandescent mantles. It can also be used as oxidation catalyst due to its interconvertibility, e.g. in oxidation of the natural gas in gas mantles. It can also be used as a mixed conductor due to its significant ionic and electronic conduction. It can be manufactured by the calcination of cerium oxalate or cerium hydroxide.
  • UsesCerium Oxide, also called Ceria, is widely applied in glass, ceramics and catalyst manufacturing. In glass industry, it is considered to be the most efficient glass polishing agent for precision optical polishing. It is also used to decolorize glass by keeping iron in its ferrous state. The ability of Cerium-doped glass to block out ultra violet light is utilized in the manufacturing of medical glassware and aerospace windows. It is also used to prevent polymers from darkening in sunlight and to suppress discoloration of television glass. It is applied to optical components to improve performance. High purity Ceria are also used in phosphors and dopant to crystal.
  • References
  • Chemical PropertiesCerium dioxide is white to faintly yellow powder
  • Physical propertiesWhite powder in pure form; technical grade material is pale yellow; presence of other lanthanide elements as impurities may impart reddish color; cubic crystal; density 7.65 g/cm3; melts at 2,400°C; insoluble in water.
  • UsesPolishing and decolorizing glass; as opacifier for vitreous enamels; in heat-resistant alloy coatings; in coatings for infrared filters to prevent reflection; in analysis for Ce and oxidimetry; as catalyst for organic reactions.
  • PreparationCerium(IV) oxide may be obtained by heating cerium oxalate, carbonate or other salts at elevated temperatures:
    Ce2(C2O4)3 + 2O2 → 2CeO2 + 6CO2
  • DefinitionCerium dioxide is a metal oxide with formula CeO2. It is used for polishing glass, in coatings for infra-red filters to prevent reflection, and as an oxidant and catalyst in organic synthesis.
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