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Sodium silicate

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Sodium silicate Basic information
Sodium silicate Chemical Properties
  • Melting point:1410 °C(lit.)
  • Boiling point:2355 °C(lit.)
  • Density 2.33 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
  • storage temp. -20°C
  • solubility H2O: soluble
  • form powder
  • color Colorless
  • Water Solubility very slightly soluble cold H2O [MER06]
  • Merck 13,8751
  • Stability:Stable. Incompatible with acids, most metals, many organic materials.
  • CAS DataBase Reference1344-09-8(CAS DataBase Reference)
  • EPA Substance Registry SystemSodium silicate (1344-09-8)
Safety Information
Sodium silicate Usage And Synthesis
  • DescriptionSodium silicate, 2Na2OSiO2, is the simplest form of glass. It is found as lumps of greenish glass soluble in steam under pressure, white powders of varying degrees of solubility, or liquids cloudy or clear. It is noncombustible; however, when the powdered form is suspended in air, it could cause a dust explosion if an ignition source is present. Breathing the dust may also cause health problems. The glass form could also create a hazard to responders in an accident. It is not listed as a hazardous material in the DOT Hazardous Materials Tables. The primary uses are as catalysts, soaps, adhesives, water treatment, bleaching, waterproofing, and flame retardant.
  • Chemical PropertiesSodium silicate,NA2Si03 also known as a liquid glass, silicate of soda, sodium metasilicate, and soluble glass, is a grayish-white crystalline powder that has a melting point of 1088 °C (1990 °F). It is soluble in water and has strong detergent and emulsifying properties. Sodium silicate is used to fireproof textiles, insulate electric wire, protect wood and porous stone, grease proof paper containers, and as a catalyst in refining high-octane gasoline.
  • UsesLining Bessemer converters, acid concentrators. manufacture of grindstones, abrasive wheels (as binder only).
  • UsesSodium Silicate is a product used as a preservative for eggs.
  • UsesSodium silicate (Na2O) is known as “water glass” and is used in water treatment and in making soaps, detergents, adhesives, drilling fluids, bleaches.
  • UsesSodium silicate (Na2SiO3), better known as water glass, is one of the few silicon compounds that dissolves in water.It is used in the manufacture of soaps, adhesives, and food preservatives.
  • DefinitionChEBI: An inorganic sodium salt having silicate as the counterion.
  • Industrial usesSodium silicate (liquid silicate, metso or sodium silicate beads) has the general formula Na2SiO3. The liquid silicates (“O” and “N” brand) are clear, thick liquids, while silicate powder is a granular, white substance. Sodium silicate is a mixture of sodium or potassium salts. Sodium silicates are primarily used in mineral flotation practice.
  • Industrial usesSodium silicate is widely used in mineral flotation as depressant, dispersant and as controlling agent of some soluble ions For example, sodium silicate interacts with calcium ions in solution forming nearly insoluble calcium silicate. For industrial and sulfatetype minerals (barite), sodium silicate is usually part of the reagent scheme. Sodium silicate is extensively used in base-metal flotation.
  • Purification MethodsSodium silicate solution [1344-09-8] pK 1 9.51, pK 2 11.77 (for silicic acid, H4S i O4) Purify by contact filtration with activated charcoal.
Sodium silicate Preparation Products And Raw materials
Sodium silicate (1344-09-8)Related Product Information
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