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Antioxidant 168

Basic information Characterization Reactions Applications Features/benefits Guidelines for use Physical Properties Safety Safety Related Supplier
Antioxidant 168 Basic information
Antioxidant 168 Chemical Properties
  • Melting point:181-184 °C(lit.)
  • Boiling point:594.2±50.0 °C(Predicted)
  • Density -0.98
  • Flash point:46°C (115°F)
  • form Powder
  • color white
  • Specific Gravity0.98
  • Sensitive moisture sensitive
  • Hydrolytic Sensitivity4: no reaction with water under neutral conditions
  • CAS DataBase Reference31570-04-4(CAS DataBase Reference)
  • EPA Substance Registry SystemTris(2,4-di-tert-butylphenyl) phosphite (31570-04-4)
Safety Information
  • WGK Germany -
  • TSCA Yes
  • HS Code 2920900002
Antioxidant 168 Usage And Synthesis
  • CharacterizationAntioxidant 168  is a hydrolytically stable phosphite processing stabilizer. As a secondary antioxidant,Antioxidant 168 reacts during processing with hydroperoxides formed by autoxidation of polymers preventing process induced degradation and extending the performance of primary antioxidants.
  • Reactions
    1. Precursor to a palladacyclic catalyst for Suzuki, Stille and Heck processes.
    2. Ligand for Pd-catalyzed [3+2] intramolecular cycloaddition of alk-5-enylidenecyclopropanes.
    3. Ligand for Pt-catalyzed intramolecular silaboration of alkenes.
    4. Ligand for Ni-catalyzed aminocarbonylation of aryl halides.
    5. Ligand for the Au-catalyzed [4+2] intramolecular cycloaddition of allene-dienes.
    6. Rhodium-Catalyzed Allylic Substitution with an Acyl Anion Equivalent. 
  • ApplicationsThe application range of Antioxidant 168 -synergistically combined with other Ciba anti-oxidants - comprises polyolefins and olefin-copolymers such as polyethylene (e.g. HDPE, LLDPE), polypropylene, polybutene and ethylene-vinylacetate copolymers as well as polycarbonates and polyamides. The blends can also be used in polyesters, styrene homo- and copolymers, adhesives and natural and synthetic tackifier resins, elastomers such as BR, SEBS, SBS, and other organic substrates. Antioxidant 168  blends can be used in combination with light stabilizers of the TINUVIN and CHIMASSORB range.
  • Features/benefitsAntioxidant 168  is an organophosphite of low volatility and is particularly resistant to hydrolysis. It
    protects polymers which are prone to oxidation, during the processing steps (compounding/
    pelletizing, fabrication and recycling) from molecular weight change (e.g. chain scission/crosslinking)
    and prevents discoloration.
    Antioxidant 168 performs best when combined with other Ciba antioxidants. Blends of Antioxidant 168
    with antioxidants of the IRGANOX range (IRGANOX B-blends) and with Hydroxylamine FS042 are
    particularly effective. The IRGANOX range antioxidants additionally provide storage stability and give
    the polymer long term protection against thermo-oxidative degradation.
    Antioxidant 168 comprised in phenol free systems with other appropriate Ciba stabilizers addresses
    specific stabilization requirements.
  • Guidelines for useTypically 500 - 2000 ppm of Antioxidant 168 combined with appropriate levels of other additives are used for the processing stabilization of polymers. The optimum level is application specific. Extensive performance data of Antioxidant 168 combinations in various organic polymers and applications are available upon request.
  • Physical Properties
  • SafetyIn accordance with good industrial practice, handle with care and prevent contamination of the
    environment. Avoid dust formation and ignition sources.
    For more detailed information please refer to the material safety data sheet.
Antioxidant 168 Preparation Products And Raw materials
Antioxidant 168(31570-04-4)Related Product Information
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