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Temocapril hydrochloride

Basic information Safety Related Supplier
Temocapril hydrochloride Basic information
Temocapril hydrochloride Chemical Properties
Safety Information
  • Hazard Codes Xi
  • Risk Statements 36/37/38
  • Safety Statements 26-36
  • ToxicityLD50 in mice, rats, dogs (mg/kg): >5000, >5000, >800 orally (Koike)
Temocapril hydrochloride Usage And Synthesis
  • DescriptionTemocapril is a novel ACE inhibitor marketed in Japan for the treatment of hypertension. Temocapril is three times more potent than enalapril by oral administration, and has a long duration of action. It is characterized by a rapid onset of action resulting from a fast conversion of temocapril to the active metabolite diacid. Unlike most ACE inhibitors which are excreted mainly through the kidneys, temocapril is excreted predominantly through the biliary route indicating that temocapril is especially useful for treating hypertensive patients with renal dysfunction. The potential usefulness of temocapril in the treatment of congestive heart failure has been reported.
  • Chemical PropertiesWhite To Off-White Solid
  • OriginatorSankyo (Japan)
  • UsesAngiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor. Hydrolyzed in vivo to the active diacid metabolite
  • Usesangiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor (ACE-I)
  • brand nameAcecol
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