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Dimethylaminopropionitrile Basic information
Dimethylaminopropionitrile Chemical Properties
Safety Information
Dimethylaminopropionitrile Usage And Synthesis
  • Chemical Propertiesclear colorless liquid
  • Uses 3- Dimethylaminopropionitrile is used as a solvent, dielectric fluid, and an intermediate.
  • Production Methods3-Dimethylaminopropionitrile is derived from heating barium ethyl sulfate and KCN with subsequent distillation.
  • General DescriptionColorless liquid. Mp: -44.3°C; bp: 171-172°C. Density 0.87 g cm-3 at 20°C). Water-soluble. Used in the manufacture of polyurethane foam. Excessive exposure leads to urologic and neurologic disorders.
  • Reactivity ProfileDimethylaminopropionitrile is combustible but non-flammable (flash point > 140°F), reacts with oxidizing agents (Hazardous Chemicals Desk Reference, p. 426 (1987)). Reacts violently with LIAlH4, a strong reducing agent. Emits toxic oxides of nitrogen and cyanide fumes when heated to decomposition.
  • Safety ProfilePoison by intravenous route. Moderately toxic by ingestion and skin contact. A skin and eye irritant. Flammable liquid when exposed to heat, flame, or oxidizers; can react with oxidizing materials. To fight fire, use foam, CO2, dry chemical. When heated to decomposition it emits highly toxic fumes of NOx and CN-. See also NITRILES.
Dimethylaminopropionitrile Preparation Products And Raw materials
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