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  •       Who we are ? Located in Zhengzhou City, China , Henan Daken Chemical Co.,Ltd was Established in June ,1983.We have a 35 years history for fine chemical synthesis .Daken has young technology team with 24 persons ,among which there are 6 persons with Doctor’s degree ,and 9 persons with Master’s degree in chemical .Daken has 61 projects at national or provincial level ,29 patents ,116 papers ,and 12 awards by government .Research and Development is the backbone of Daken. Have right mix of experienced, young and enthusiastic research team to find simple and innovative solutions to critical challenges in synthetic chemistry What we do ? Daken's custom Synthesis derives from its proven expertise in fine chemical synthesis, chemical process development to manufacturing at varied scales, a deep understanding of complex chemical processes and manufacturing. Our team of experienced Scientists has expertise in the custom synthesis of a wide range of molecules weight like catalyst ,electronic chemicals ,Organic Silanes ,and other Chemical Intermediates. We offer a full range of services in custom organic synthesis, accomplishing complex, multi-step syntheses and "difficult to synthesize" chemistry projects. What we mainly produce ? 1. Metal Catalysts &Phosphorus Compounds 2. Electronic Chemicals 3. Organic Silanes 4. Custom Synthesis 5. Asian Procurement Agency 6. Thirty-party Chemical quality Analysis How is Our Manufacturing Base ? Covers 110 thousand square meters Have experience of industrial production under anhydrous and anaerobic condition Affords to carry out industrial production with Temperature condition from -80℃ to 200 ℃ Affords to carry out industrial production with high temperature and high pressure. How to contact us ? If you have customization demand on new structurers ,Sent inquiry to ,we will try to response within 24 hours .
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