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Basic information Safety Related Supplier
N-Aminoethylpiperazine Basic information
N-Aminoethylpiperazine Chemical Properties
  • Melting point:-19 °C
  • Boiling point:218-222 °C(lit.)
  • Density 0.985 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
  • vapor density 4.4 (vs air)
  • vapor pressure 0.05 mm Hg ( 20 °C)
  • refractive index n20/D 1.500
  • Flash point:200 °F
  • storage temp. Store below +30°C.
  • solubility >1000g/l
  • form Liquid
  • pka10.11±0.10(Predicted)
  • color Clear colorless to slightly yellow
  • PH12 (100g/l, H2O, 20℃)
  • explosive limit2.1-10.5%(V)
  • Water Solubility soluble
  • Sensitive Air Sensitive
  • BRN 104363
  • Stability:Stable. Flammable. Incompatible with acids, acid anhydrides, acid chlorides, strong oxidizing agents, chloroformates.
  • CAS DataBase Reference140-31-8(CAS DataBase Reference)
  • NIST Chemistry ReferenceN-(2-Aminoethyl)piperazine(140-31-8)
  • EPA Substance Registry System1-Piperazineethanamine (140-31-8)
Safety Information
N-Aminoethylpiperazine Usage And Synthesis
  • Chemical Propertiesviscous light yellow liquid
  • Chemical PropertiesN-Aminoethypiperazine is a combustible and corrosive aliphatic amine It is a colorless to light yellow liquid
  • UsesUsed for studying corrosion inhibition
  • DefinitionAn amine combining a primary, secondary, and ter- tiary amine in one molecule.
  • General DescriptionA colorless liquid with a faint fishlike odor. Flash point 199°F. Corrosive to tissue. Toxic oxides of nitrogen are produced by combustion.
  • Air & Water ReactionsWater soluble.
  • Reactivity ProfileN-Aminoethylpiperazine neutralizes acids to form salts plus water in exothermic reactions. May be incompatible with isocyanates, halogenated organics, peroxides, phenols (acidic), epoxides, anhydrides, and acid halides. Flammable gaseous hydrogen is generated in combination with strong reducing agents, such as hydrides.
  • HazardStrong irritant to tissue.
  • Health HazardINHALATION: Burning sensation, coughing, wheezing, laryngitis, shortness of breath, headache, nausea, and vomiting. EYES AND SKIN: Extremely destructive to mucous membranes, upper respiratory tract, eyes and skin. Causes burns on short contact.
  • Fire HazardSpecial Hazards of Combustion Products: Toxic fumes of NO x
  • Safety ProfilePoison by intraperitoneal route. Moderately toxic by ingestion and skin contact. Experimental reproductive effects. A skin and eye irritant. Mutation data reported. See also AMINES. Moderately flammable when exposed to heat, flame, sparks, or powerful oxidlzers. To fight fire, use alcohol foam. When heated to decomposition it emits toxic fumes of NOx,.
  • Potential ExposureUsed as an epoxy curing agent and making pharmaceuticals; synthetic fibers, and other chemicals.
  • ShippingUN2815 N-Aminoethylpiperazined, Hazard class: 8; Labels: 8-Corrosive material
  • IncompatibilitiesSolution is a strong base. Reacts with nitrosating agents (e.g., nitrites, nitrous gases, nitrous acid); capable of releasing carcinogenic nitrosamines. Incompatible with nonoxidizing mineral acids; strong acids; organic acids, acid chlorides; acid anhydrides; organic anhydrides; isocyanates, chloroformates, vinyl acetate; acrylates, substituted allyls; alkylene oxides; epichlorohydrin, ketones, aldehydes, alcohols, glycols, phenols, cresols, caprolactum solution; strong oxidizers. Contact with copper alloys, zinc or galvanized steel may cause violent reaction.
N-Aminoethylpiperazine Preparation Products And Raw materials
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