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2-Methoxy-3-sec-butyl pyrazine

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2-Methoxy-3-sec-butyl pyrazine Basic information
2-Methoxy-3-sec-butyl pyrazine Chemical Properties
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2-Methoxy-3-sec-butyl pyrazine Usage And Synthesis
  • Description2-Methoxy-3-(l-methylpropyl)pyrazine is like green peas, galbarum oil, bell pepper. Prepared by condensation of isolencine amide with glyoxal, followed by methylation with CH2N2.
  • Chemical Properties2-Methoxy-3-(1-methylpropyl)pyrazine has an odor like green peas, galbanum oil or bell pepper.
  • Chemical Propertiesclear colorless liquid
  • OccurrenceReported found in asparagus, carrot, celery, cucumber, lettuce, peas, bell pepper, ginger, Swiss cheese, white wine, beans, beetroot, parsnip root and pumpkin, sherry and krill.
  • UsesA compound contents in musts and wines from Vitis vinifera variety Cabernet Sauvignon
  • PreparationBy condensation of isoleucine amide with glyoxal, followed by methylation with CH2N2.
  • Aroma threshold valuesDetection: 0.001 ppb. Aroma characteristics at 1.0%: musty, green, vegetative, nutty, peppery and potato-like.
  • Taste threshold valuesTaste characteristics at 1.0 ppm: musty, vegetative, potato, galbanum, fishy and earthy.
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