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Choline chloride Structure

Choline chloride

Chemical Properties

Melting point 302-305 °C (dec.) (lit.)
Density  1.0238 (rough estimate)
refractive index  1.5400 (estimate)
FEMA  4500 | Choline chloride (Also Includes Choline)
storage temp.  Sealed in dry,Room Temperature
solubility  H2O: 1 M, clear, colorless
form  Adhering Crystals
color  White
Odor sl. odor of trimethylamine
PH 5.0-7.5 (25℃, 1M in H2O)
Water Solubility  soluble
Sensitive  Hygroscopic
λmax λ: 260 nm Amax: 0.015
λ: 280 nm Amax: 0.010
JECFA Number 2003
Merck  14,2206
BRN  3563126
Stability Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, moisture. Store under a dry atmosphere.
LogP -3.70
CAS DataBase Reference 67-48-1(CAS DataBase Reference)
NIST Chemistry Reference Choline chloride(67-48-1)
EPA Substance Registry System Choline chloride (67-48-1)

Safety Information

Hazard Codes  Xi
Risk Statements  36/37/38
Safety Statements  26-36
WGK Germany  1
RTECS  KH2975000
HS Code  29212900
Hazardous Substances Data 67-48-1(Hazardous Substances Data)
Toxicity LD50 in rats (g/kg): 0.400 i.p.; 6.64 orally (Hartung, Cornish)


Usage And Synthesis

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