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Basic information Description Uses References Safety Related Supplier
1,2-Dimethoxybenzene Basic information
1,2-Dimethoxybenzene Chemical Properties
  • Melting point:15 °C(lit.)
  • Boiling point:206-207 °C(lit.)
  • Density 1.084 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
  • vapor pressure 0.63 hPa (25 °C)
  • refractive index n20/D 1.533(lit.)
  • Flash point:189 °F
  • storage temp. Store below +30°C.
  • solubility 6.69g/l insoluble
  • form Powder
  • color White to cream
  • Water Solubility Soluble in alcohol, diethyl ether, acetone, and methanol. Slightly soluble in water.
  • Merck 14,9956
  • JECFA Number1248
  • BRN 1364621
  • CAS DataBase Reference91-16-7(CAS DataBase Reference)
  • NIST Chemistry ReferenceBenzene, 1,2-dimethoxy-(91-16-7)
  • EPA Substance Registry SystemVeratrole (91-16-7)
Safety Information
  • Hazard Codes Xn
  • Risk Statements 22-20/21/22
  • Safety Statements 36-23-24/25
  • WGK Germany 1
  • RTECS CZ6475000
  • TSCA Yes
  • HS Code 29093090
  • ToxicityLD50 in rats, mice (mg/kg): 1360, 2020 orally (Jenner)
1,2-Dimethoxybenzene Usage And Synthesis
  • Description1, 2-Dimethoxybenzene, commonly known as veratrole, is an organic compound with the formula C6H4(OCH3)2. It is a colorless liquid with a pleasant odor and slight solubility in water.
    It is the dimethyl ether derived from pyrocatechol, too.
    1, 2-Dimethoxybenzene is naturally occurring. Its biosynthesis entails the methylation of guaiacol by guaiacol O-methyltransferase.1, 2-Dimethoxybenzene is an insect attractant.
    Guaiacol O-methyltransferase gene is first scent gene discovered so far in any plant species.
  • Uses1, 2-Dimethoxybenzene is a building block for the organic synthesis of other aromatic compounds. Veratrole is relatively electron-rich and thus readily undergoes electrophilic substitution. An example of the use of veratrole is in the synthesis of Domipizone.
    Veratrole can easily be brominated with NBS to give 4-bromoveratrole.
  • References1.,2-Dimethoxybenzene
  • Chemical PropertiesColorless crystals or liquid. Soluble in alcohol and ether; slightly soluble in water.
  • OccurrenceReported present in asparagus (raw and cooked), bonito (dried), broccoli (cooked), cauliflower (cooked), cognac, endive, grape, Gruyere de Comte cheese, guava, leek (raw and heated), olive, peas, rhubarb, rice bran and vanilla extract.
  • PreparationPrepared by methylation of pyrocatechol.
  • DefinitionChEBI: A dimethoxybenzene with the methoxy groups at ortho-positions.
  • Taste threshold valuesIntolerable at 40 ppm.
  • Purification MethodsSteam distil veratrole, then fractionally distil it from BaO, CaH2 or Na. Crystallise it from *benzene or low-boiling pet ether at 0o. Fractionally crystallise it from its melt. Store it over anhydrous Na2SO4. [Beilstein 6 IV 5564.]
1,2-Dimethoxybenzene Preparation Products And Raw materials
1,2-Dimethoxybenzene(91-16-7)Related Product Information
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