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Butylate Basic information
Butylate Chemical Properties
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Butylate Usage And Synthesis
  • Chemical PropertiesButylate is a clear liquid with an aromatic odor.
  • UsesHerbicide.
  • Agricultural UsesHerbicide: Classified as a General Use Pesticide (GUP) with applications limited to corn fields. Not approved for use in EU countries. A selective herbicide for use on field corn, sweet corn, and popcorn to control grassy and broadleaf weeds and seeds in the soil prior to sowing a crop. Often applied in combination with atrazine and/or cyanazine.
  • Trade nameANELDA PLUS®; ANELDAZIN®; ANELIROX®; ATRA-BUTE®[C] Nov.1992; BUTILATE®; GENATE®[C] August 1994; R-1910®[C] Dec.1987; STAUFFER R-1910®[C] Dec.1987; SUTAN®[C] Sept.1994; SUTAZINE®[C] Dec.1987; TOMAHAWK®
  • Potential ExposureA thiocarbamate herbicide. A potential danger to those involved in the manufacture, formulation or application of this carbamate herbicide which is used to control weed seeds in the soil prior to sowing crops
  • ShippingUN3082 Environmentally hazardous substances, liquid, n.o.s., Hazard class: 9; Labels: 9—Miscellaneous hazardous material, Technical Name Required
  • IncompatibilitiesThiocarbamate esters are combustible. They react violently with powerful oxidizers such as calcium hypochlorite. Poisonous gases are generated by the thermal decomposition of thiocarbamate compounds, including carbon disulfide, oxides of sulfur, oxides of nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and methylamine. Many materials in this group slowly decompose in aqueous solution to form carbon disulfide and methylamine or other amines. Such decompositions are accelerated by acids. Flammable gases are generated by the combination of thiocarbamates with aldehydes, nitrides, and hydrides. Thiocarbamates are incompatible with acids, peroxides, and acid halides
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