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Grignard reagent

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Grignard reagent Basic information
Grignard reagent Usage And Synthesis
  • DefinitionAn important class of reagents used in synthetic organic chemistry, made by union of metallic magnesium with an organic chloride, bromide, or iodide, usually in the presence of an ether and in the complete absence of water. General formula RMgX, where R i
  • HazardBecause the heat of decomposition of Grignard reagents with water is great and the ether in which they are dissolved is highly volatile and flammable, they must be handled with extreme care. Some, especially the solution of MeMgBr in ethyl ether, may ignite spontaneously on contact with water or even damp floors; nearly all will ignite on a wet rag or similar material. Since all Grignard reagents react rapidlywith bothwater and oxygen, contact must be avoided. Ordinary materials of construction are satisfactory for use with Grignard reagents.
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