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Ethyltriphenylphosphonium bromide

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Ethyltriphenylphosphonium bromide Basic information
Ethyltriphenylphosphonium bromide Chemical Properties
  • Melting point:203-205 °C(lit.)
  • Flash point:200 °C
  • storage temp. Inert atmosphere,Room Temperature
  • solubility 174g/l soluble
  • form Crystalline Powder
  • color White to off-white
  • Water Solubility 120 g/L (23 ºC)
  • Sensitive Hygroscopic
  • BRN 3599630
  • CAS DataBase Reference1530-32-1(CAS DataBase Reference)
  • EPA Substance Registry SystemPhosphonium, ethyltriphenyl-, bromide (1530-32-1)
Safety Information
Ethyltriphenylphosphonium bromide Usage And Synthesis
  • Chemical PropertiesWhite to off-white crystalline powder
  • Usessuzuki reaction
  • UsesPTC catalyst 
  • UsesEthyltriphenylphosphonium Bromide is used as a wittig reagent. Ethyltriphenylphosphonium Bromide and other phosphonium salts show antiviral activity.
  • UsesEthyltriphenylphosphonium Bromide (ETPB) is a phase transfer catalyst, used to accelerate the cure of phenolic-based epoxy resins, certain fluoroelastomer resins and thermosetting powder coatings. It is also used as catalysts in the synthesis of certain organic compounds and as a pharmaceutical intermediate.
    1. Ethyltriphenylphosphonium bromide acts as a reactant in the synthesis of D-amino acids from L-cysteine-derived thiazolidines, Leiodolide A through aldol reactions and Horner-Wadsworth-Emmons olefination.
    2. It is also used in the preparation of cycloalkanoindolines through diastereoselective intramolecular inimo-ene reactions.
    3. it is used as a reagent in solid-state metathesis polycondensation to prepare alkyl-dipropenylthiophene monomers.
    4. Mizoroki-Heck cyclization and cascading Tsuji-Trost cyclization reactions.
  • Purification MethodsRecrystallise it from H2O and dry it in high vacuum at 100o. IR has bands at 1449, 1431 and 997cm-1 . [Wittig & Wittenberg Justus Liebigs Ann Chem 606 1 1957, Bergmann & Dusza J Org Chem 23 1245 1958, Beilstein 16 IV 982.]
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