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Basic information Plant Growth regulator Uses Safety Related Supplier
Safety Information
  • Safety Statements 22-24/25
  • WGK Germany 3
  • Plant Growth regulator3- potassium indolium butyrate is a kind of growth regulator of rooting plant.
    It is potassium salt for indolobutyric acid. The stability is stronger than indolo butyric acid, and it is completely water soluble. It has the role of promoting the quickset to take root, promoting crop growth, increasing yield and promoting seed germination. Potassium indolate has a physiological effect similar to indolo acetic acid, which can play a role in cell division and cell growth, but not as obvious as indolo acetic acid. Through the foliage spraying, dipping root and so on, this product is transmitted to the plant body from the leaf seeds and other parts. It is concentrated at the point of growth, promoting cell division and inducing the formation of adventitious roots. The adventitious root features large number of roots, straight roots, coarse roots, large number of root hairs, longer duration of drug effect. A better effect can be achieved mixed with naphthylacetic acid. In plants, it is not easy to be oxidized and the conductivity is poor. Objects of indole butyric acid potassium: cucumber, tomato, eggplant, pepper, trees, cuttage rooting of flowers, apple, peach, pear, cherry, citrus, grapes, kiwi, strawberries, poinsettia, carnation, chrysanthemum, rose, Magnolia, tea tree, poplar, Rhododendron etc..
    Promoting rooting:3- indole butyric acid potassium (IBA) is the best growth regulator to stimulate or accelerate cutting rooting. It operates less in plants and is easily retained near the site of use.IBA promotes rooting well, but the produced indeterminate roots are thin and long. The NAA also promotes rooting but the results are is a small number of coarse root. Therefore, the combination of the two can often get better results. The grape branch is soaked with 5~20 mg / kg IBA solution for 24 hours,And then cuttings are planted in the sand bed,The rooting rate of the cuttings is high. The base of the green branches of the apple or peach tree with 3~5 leaves is immersed in 1000 mg / kg of IBA solution for 5 seconds. After a little bit of drier, the cuttage is cultivated on the sand bed in the plastic shed to make it root, and the rooting rate of such branches is high. Before planting sweet potato seedlings, the seedlings are immersed in 10~20 mg / kg NAA solution for 12~24 hours, which could promote rooting and increase survival rate. Plants that are difficult to rooting (pine, cypress, Chinese fir, Rhododendron, camellia, Western ivy, Milan etc.) can get satisfactory rooting effect when mixed rooting agents are used. If Larix Larix adopts the Indolo butyric acid, Naa and 2, 4-D mixture (10+10+10 mg / kg), the rooting rate of the cuttings increased significantly.
    The other characteristics of potassium indolium butyrate are as follows:
    1. It can be used in the growing parts of the whole body, such as root, bud and fruit.The specific processing site is strongly characterized by cell division and growth.
    2. The effect is long and exclusive.
    3. It can promote the growth of the new root, induce the formation of the root, and promote the formation of the adventitious root of the cuttings.
    4. It is stable and secure and it is a good root growth promoting agent.
  • UsesIndole-3-butyric acid (IBA) is auxin-family plant hormone. IBA is thought to be a precursor of indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) the most abundant and the basic auxin natively occurring and functioning in plants. IAA generates the majority of auxin effects in intact plants, and is the most potent native auxin.
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