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Sodium hydroxymethanesulphinate

Basic information Safety Related Supplier
Sodium hydroxymethanesulphinate Basic information
Sodium hydroxymethanesulphinate Chemical Properties
  • Melting point:~120 °C (dec.)
  • Flash point:>100℃
  • storage temp. Inert atmosphere,Room Temperature
  • solubility H2O: 50 mg/mL, clear, colorless
  • PH9.5-10.5
  • Water Solubility soluble H2O, alcohol [HAW93]
  • Merck 14,8620
  • Stability:Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.
  • EPA Substance Registry SystemSodium sulfoxylate formaldehyde (anhydrous) (149-44-0)
Safety Information
Sodium hydroxymethanesulphinate Usage And Synthesis
  • Chemical Propertieswhite solid; used as stripping and discharge agent for textiles [HAW93]
  • Chemical PropertiesWhen freshly prepared, sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate occurs as white, odorless crystals, which quickly develop a characteristic garlic odor on standing.
  • UsesPharmaceutic aid (preservative).
  • Production MethodsSodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate is manufactured from sodium dithionate and formaldehyde in water.
  • Pharmaceutical ApplicationsSodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate is a water-soluble antioxidant and is generally used as the dihydrate. It is used in the formulation of injection products at a level of up to 0.1% w/v in the final preparation administered to the patient.
  • SafetyThe toxicological properties of sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate have not been fully investigated. However, it is used in the formulation of injection products at a level to 0.1% w/v in the final preparation administered to the patient.
    Sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate is moderately toxic by ingestion, and when heated to decomposition it emits toxic fumes of sulfur dioxide and sodium oxide.
    LD50 (mouse, oral): 4 g/kg
    LD50 (rat, IP): >2 g/kg
    LD50 (rat, oral): >2 g/kg
  • storageStore in well-closed, light-resistant containers at controlled room temperature (15–30℃).
  • Purification MethodsIt crystallises from H2O as the dihydrate and decomposes at higher temperatures. Store it in a closed container in a cool place. It is insoluble in EtOH and Et2O and is a good reducing agent. [X-ray structure: Tuter J Chem Soc 3064 1955.] Note that this compound {HOCH2SO2Na} should not be confused with formaldehyde sodium bisulfite adduct {HOCH2SO3Na} from which it is prepared by reduction with Zn. [Beilstein 1 IV 3052.]
  • IncompatibilitiesSodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate is incompatible with strong oxidizing agents; it is decomposed by dilute acid.
  • Regulatory StatusIncluded in the FDA Inactive Ingredients Database (parenteral products up to 0.1% via the IM, IV, and SC routes). Included in the Canadian List of Acceptable Non-medicinal Ingredients.
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