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Vat Blue 14

Basic information Safety Related Supplier
Vat Blue 14 Basic information
Vat Blue 14 Chemical Properties
Vat Blue 14 Usage And Synthesis
  • PreparationBlue anthrone with sulfuryl chloride chlorination.
  • Properties and Applicationsbrilliant blue. Dark blue powder. Insoluble in water, Acetone, Etanol and Toluene, soluble in 2 – Chlorophenol, slightly soluble in Chloroform and Pyridine . Alkaline reduction leuco for blue, acid reduction leuco for red light blue. In concentrated sulfuric acid for yellow brown, dilution for blue. More sensitive to hard water. Mainly used in yarn dyeing, also used for cotton of jig dyeing and suspension milk dyed. Can direct printing, color resist printing. Of silk dyeing affinity medium, dye stick/cotton, Peacekeeping/cotton all can obtain good results, but also can be processed to be oil paint.
    Standard Ironing Fastness Chlorine bleach Light Fastness Mercerized Oxygen bleach Soaping
    Fading Stain
    ISO 5 2 7-8 4 4-5 5 5
    AATCC 5 2 7-8 2-3 4
Vat Blue 14 Preparation Products And Raw materials
Vat Blue 14(1324-27-2)Related Product Information
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