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Strontium fluoride

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Strontium fluoride Basic information
Strontium fluoride Chemical Properties
Safety Information
  • Hazard Codes Xi
  • Risk Statements 36/37/38
  • Safety Statements 26-36
  • RIDADR UN3288
  • WGK Germany 2
  • RTECS WK8925000
  • Hazard Note Irritant
  • TSCA Yes
  • HazardClass 6.1
  • PackingGroup III
Strontium fluoride Usage And Synthesis
  • Chemical PropertiesWhite powder. Soluble in hydrochloric acid and hydrogen fluoride; insoluble in water.
  • Physical propertiesStrontium fluoride, SrF2, also called "strontium difluoride" and "strontium (II) fluoride", is a stable, brittle, white crystalline solid with a melting point of 1477°C and a boiling point of 2460°C. Its molecular weight is 125.62 g/mol. Its density is 4.24 g/cm3. Its melting point has also been given as 1463°C and a boiling point of 2489°C. It is virtually insoluble since its solubility in water is 0.00012 g/100 ml of water at 18°C.
    SrF2 is almost insoluble in water (its KSP value is approximately 4.33×109 at 25°C. It irritates eyes and skin, and is harmful when inhaled or ingested.
  • UsesStrontium fluoride is transparent to light in the wavelengths from the vacuum UV (150 nm) to the near IR (11 mm). Its optical properties are intermediate to CaF2 and BaF2. Strontium fluoride is used as an optical material for a small range of special applications, for example, as an optical coating on lenses and also as a thermoluminescent dosimeter crystal. Another use is as a carrier of the 90Sr radioisotope in thermoelectric generators. SrF2 is also used as a single crystal for lasers.
  • UsesSubstitute for other fluorides, electronic and optical applications, single crystals for lasers, hightemperature dry-film lubricants.
  • PreparationStrontium fluoride can be prepared by the reaction of strontium chloride with fluorine gas, or by action of hydrofluoric acid on strontium carbonate:
    SrCl2 (aq)+ F2 (gas)→SrF2 (solid)+ Cl2 (gas)
    SrCO3+ 2HF→SrF2+ CO2+H2O
    Note that the first
  • HazardToxic material.
  • Safety ProfileModerately toxic by intravenous route. Mildly toxic by ingestion. When heated to decomposition it emits toxic fumes of F-. See also FLUORIDES and STRONTIUM COMPOUNDS.
Strontium fluoride Preparation Products And Raw materials
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