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Barium stearate

Basic information Safety Related Supplier
Barium stearate Basic information
Barium stearate Chemical Properties
Safety Information
  • Risk Statements 20/22
  • Safety Statements 28
  • RIDADR 1564
  • RTECS WI2840000
  • HS Code 29159090
  • ToxicityLD50 orl-rat: 4 g/kg GISAAA 39(11),91,74
Barium stearate Usage And Synthesis
  • Chemical PropertiesWhite crystalline solid.Insoluble in water or alcohol. Combustible.
  • UsesWaterproofing agent; lubricant in metalworking, plastics, and rubber; wax compounding; preparation of greases; heat and light stabilizer in plastics.
  • UsesBarium stearate is not generally used as a stabilizer, but is an important film-calendering lubricant. It is generally used in conjunction with other stabilizers such as Cadmium Stearate and Lead Stearate. It can be used as a flatting and sanding agents in lacquers, coatings and inks and as a drying lubricant for rubbers.
    Barium stearate is used in dry - salt fire extinguishers to prevent caking.
  • Safety ProfileModerately toxic by ingestion.When heated to decomposition it emits acrid smoke andfumes.
Barium stearate Preparation Products And Raw materials
Barium stearate (6865-35-6)Related Product Information
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