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Octyl 4-methoxycinnamate

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Octyl 4-methoxycinnamate Basic information
Octyl 4-methoxycinnamate Chemical Properties
Safety Information
Octyl 4-methoxycinnamate Usage And Synthesis
  • Chemical Propertiescolourless or pale yellow liquid
  • Uses2-Ethylhexyl 4-Methoxycinnamate is an UV induced cyclobutane pyrimidine dimer (CDP) formation inhibitior.
  • Usesoctinoxate is the drug name for the sunscreen chemical generally known as octyl methoxycinnamate and ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate.
  • Uses2-Ethylhexyl-4-methoxy-cinnamate is used as UV-B-absorbing agent in sunscreens and cosmetic creams, lotions, lipsticks, sun oils, etc.
  • brand nameParsol (Roche); Neo Heliopan (H & R Florasynth); Escalol (ISP Van Dyk) Note—The International Cosmetic Ingredient (INCI) name for octinoxate is octyl methoxycinnamate.
  • General DescriptionColorless to pale yellow viscous liquid.
  • Air & Water ReactionsInsoluble in water.
  • Fire HazardFlash point data for Octyl 4-methoxycinnamate are not available, however, Octyl 4-methoxycinnamate is probably combustible.
Octyl 4-methoxycinnamate Preparation Products And Raw materials
Octyl 4-methoxycinnamate(5466-77-3)Related Product Information
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