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Polyethylene glycol monolaurate

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Polyethylene glycol monolaurate Basic information
Polyethylene glycol monolaurate Chemical Properties
  • Boiling point:>260°C
  • Density 1.00 g/mL at 20 °C
  • refractive index n20/D 1.346
  • Flash point:>110°C
  • solubility H2O: 0.1 g/mL, clear, very faintly yellow
  • Hydrophilic-Lipophilic Balance (HLB)17.9
  • EPA Substance Registry SystemPolyethylene glycol monolaurate (9004-81-3)
Safety Information
Polyethylene glycol monolaurate Usage And Synthesis
  • Chemical PropertiesLiquid
  • UsesPolyethylene glycol monolaurate is a versatile, mid HLB range, surface active agent suggested for use in PVC plastisols (viscosity modifier), coatings (defoaming agent), cosmetic formulations (dispersant, emulsifier, emollient) and textiles (emulsifier).
  • UsesPegosperse(R) 600 ML is a high HLB surfactant, nonionic and compatible with cationic, amphoteric, anionic and nonionic surface active agents. It is used as emulsifier for personal care and water treatment and as processing aid in textile industry.
  • UsesPolyethylene glycol monolaurate is a surfactant, detergent, and emulsifier in cosmetic formulations.
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