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Direct Red 23

Basic information Safety Related Supplier
Direct Red 23 Basic information
Direct Red 23 Chemical Properties
Safety Information
  • WGK Germany 2
  • RTECS QK1237500
Direct Red 23 Usage And Synthesis
  • Preparationaniline and N-(4-aminophenyl)acetamide diazo respectively, and N,N’-bis(4-hydroxy-2-sulfonaphthalene-7-yl)urea coupling.
  • HazardLow toxicity by ingestion.
  • Properties and Applicationsred. Purple powder. Soluble in water for colourful red, solubility of 30 g/L (80 ° C), soluble in ethanol for orange, insoluble in acetone. The strong sulfuric acid was great red to product red, diluted light orange for palm. The dye solution to generate strong hydrochloric acid wine red precipitate; Add 10% sulfuric acid into a light blue; Add thick sodium hydroxide solution for red orange; Add 10% sodium carbonate (no change solution. Cellulose fiber of dyeing, dye devoured rate is very good, in the 80 ~ 100 ℃, affinity is the largest. Resistant to acid is very good. Copper ions in dyeing color shade darker; Iron ion in the same light. Mainly used in viscose etc of cellulose fiber dyeing, also can be used for silk, wool, paper and pulp dyeing, also can be used in the manufacture color which have pigment.
    Standard Acid Resistance Alkali Resistance Light Fastness Soaping Water
    Fading Stain Fading Stain
    ISO 5 5 2-3 2 2
    AATCC 5 5 2-3 4 2
Direct Red 23 Preparation Products And Raw materials
Direct Red 23(3441-14-3)Related Product Information
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  • Company Name:Winchem Industrial Co. Ltd
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  • Company Name:Chengdu HuaXia Chemical Reagent Co. Ltd
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