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Solvent Red 30

Basic information Safety Related Supplier
Solvent Red 30 Basic information
Solvent Red 30 Chemical Properties
Solvent Red 30 Usage And Synthesis
  • Preparation4-(Phenyldiazenyl)benzenamine diazotization and 7-Hydroxynaphthalene-1,3-disulfonic acid coupling, and then translate into dicyclohexyl amine salt.
  • Properties and Applicationsyellow red. Big red powder, bright color, in general in ethanol solubility. Mainly used for transparent lacquer, Celluloid, plexiglass, PVC, aluminum foil and so on color.
    Standard Light Fastness Heat-resistant(℃) water Sodium Carbonate(5%) Hydrochloric acid(5%)
    Melting point Stable
    ISO Good 120(1hr) Well Poor Poor
Solvent Red 30 Preparation Products And Raw materials
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