ethyl (Z)-oct-4-enoate

ethyl (Z)-oct-4-enoate          Structure
ethyl (Z)-oct-4-enoate
  • CAS No.34495-71-1
  • Chemical Name:ethyl (Z)-oct-4-enoate
  • Synonyms:ETHYLCIS-4-OCTENOATE;ethyl (Z)-4-octenoate;ethyl (Z)-oct-4-enoate;(Z)-4-Octenoic acid ethyl ester;4-Octenoic acid, ethyl ester, (4Z)-
  • CBNumber:CB1936847
  • Molecular Formula:C10H18O2
  • Formula Weight:170.24872
  • MOL File:34495-71-1.mol
ethyl (Z)-oct-4-enoate Property
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ethyl (Z)-oct-4-enoate Chemical Properties,Usage,Production

  • Occurrence Reported found as a volatile flavor component in apple; also reported found among the aroma components of yellow passion fruit and in mango, pawpaw and pineapple.
  • Preparation From cis-1-pentenyl bromide via the lithium vinyl cuprates.
  • Aroma threshold values Detection: 50 ppb
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