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Basic information Safety Related Supplier
1,5-Dinitronaphthalene Basic information
1,5-Dinitronaphthalene Chemical Properties
Safety Information
1,5-Dinitronaphthalene Usage And Synthesis
  • Chemical PropertiesYellow to yellow-green needles or fluffy powder
  • DefinitionChEBI: A dinitronaphthalene carrying nitro groups at positions 1 and 5.
  • General DescriptionYellowish white needles or light yellow fluffy solid.
  • Air & Water ReactionsInsoluble in water.
  • Reactivity Profile1,5-Dinitronaphthalene is incompatible with strong oxidizers and strong bases. Mixtures with sulfur or sulfuric acid may explode if heated to 248° F .
  • Fire HazardFlash point data for 1,5-Dinitronaphthalene are not available; however, 1,5-Dinitronaphthalene is probably combustible.
  • Safety ProfileA suspected carcinogen. Mutation data reported. Mxtures with sulfur or sulfuric acid (used in commercial reactions) may explode if heated to 120℃. Initiation temperature depends on the quality of the dinitronaphthalene. When heated to decomposition it emits toxic fumes of NOx. See also NITRO COMPOUNDS of AROMATICHYDROCARBONS
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