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Basic information Safety Related Supplier
ARSENAZO III Basic information
ARSENAZO III Chemical Properties
  • Melting point:>320 °C(lit.)
  • storage temp. Store below +30°C.
  • solubility ammonium hydroxide: soluble1mg/mL
  • pka-1.25±0.40(Predicted)
  • form Powder
  • color Brown
  • PH2.3 (10g/l, H2O, 20℃)
  • BRN 5717957
Safety Information
  • Hazard Codes T,N
  • Risk Statements 23/25-50/53
  • Safety Statements 20/21-28-45-60-61
  • RIDADR UN 3465 6.1/PG 2
  • WGK Germany 3
  • HS Code 2931 90 00
  • HazardClass 6.1(b)
  • PackingGroup III
ARSENAZO III Usage And Synthesis
  • Chemical PropertiesDark brown solid
  • UsesSpectrophotometric reagent for U, Th, Zr and other metals.Indicator for the precipitation titration of SO4 with Ba.
  • UsesArsenazo III is usually used in the determination of calcium in serum,has been used to evaluate calcium transport in permeabilized cells,has also been used for the spectrophotometric determination of uranium and thorium.
  • UsesArsenazo III reacts with more than 30 metal ions to give coloured complexes. So far it has been utilized for the determination and detection of about 25 metal ions (including 16 rare earth metals). The majority of the analytical procedures are spectrophotometric.
    The absorption spectra of the metal complexes of Arsenazo III possess two maxima at about 610 and 665 nm. Since the absorption of the reagent is very low at 665 nm, but is considerable at 610 nm, the extinction of the complexes at 665 nm is utilized for analytical purposes. At this wavelength the molar extinction coefficients of the complexes lie in the range 5 x 104—1.3 x 105. This explains the extremely high analytical sensitivity of the reagent. (Under optimum conditions the sensitivity may reach 0.01 γ/ml.).
    The main advantage of Arsenazo III over Arsenazo I lies in the considerably higher stabilities of the complexes of the former. This makes possible the analytical utilization of the reagent in strong mineral acidic media. It gives complexes with tri- and tetravalent metal ions in acidic media where hydrolysis and the consequent formation of polynuclear species do not interfere with the analytically utilized reaction. Those metals whose complexes form only in solutions of higher pH do not interfere with the analytical determination of the metal ions giving complexes in strongly acidic media (thorium, zirconium, uranium, plutonium, neptunium, etc.). This is the reason of the relatively high analytical selectivity of Arsenazo III.
    Trace amounts of zirconium can be enriched before determination by coprecipitation with titanium hydroxide. The titanium hydroxide precipitate containing the zirconium content of the sample is dissolved in 6 M hydrochloric acid solution and the zirconium determined photometrically with Arsenazo III. Thousand-fold amounts of titanium do not interfere with the determination of zirconium. The absorption maximum of the zirconium complex of Arsenazo III is at 665 nm.
ARSENAZO III Preparation Products And Raw materials
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