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bialamicol Basic information
bialamicol Usage And Synthesis
  • OriginatorCamoform HCl,Parke Davis,US,1956
  • UsesAnti-amebic.
  • Manufacturing ProcessParaformaldehyde (7.59) (0.25mol) and 18.3 g (0.25 mol) of diethylamine are mixed in 25 cc of alcohol and warmed until a clear solution is obtained. The solution is cooled and mixed with 26.6 g (0.10 mol) of 3,3'-diallyl-4,4'- biphenol in 25 cc of alcohol. After standing several hours, the solution is warmed for one hour on the steam bath, allowing the alcohol to boil off. The residue is then taken up in ether and water, the ether layer separated and washed with 2% sodium hydroxide solution and finally with water. The washed ether solution is dried over solid potassium carbonate, and filtered. After acidifying with alcoholic hydrogen chloride, the ether is distilled off and the alcoholic residue diluted with an equal volume of acetone. The crystalline hydrochloride is filtered off, triturated with alcohol, diluted with several volumes of acetone, filtered and dried; MP 209°-210°C.
  • brand nameCamoform Hydrochloride (Parke-Davis).
  • Therapeutic FunctionAntiamebic
bialamicol(493-75-4)Related Product Information
  • Company Name:Nanjing Chemlin Chemical Co., Ltd
  • Tel:025-83697070
  • Company Name:Dideu Industries Group Limited
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