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Basic information Characterization Applications Features/benefits Guidelines for use Physical Properties Safety Safety Related Supplier
Drometrizole Basic information
Drometrizole Chemical Properties
Safety Information
  • Hazard Codes Xi
  • Risk Statements 36/37/38-53-43
  • Safety Statements 22-24/25-36/37
  • WGK Germany 1
  • RTECS GO6860000
  • HS Code 29339900
  • ToxicityLD50 oral in mouse: 6500mg/kg
Drometrizole Usage And Synthesis
  • CharacterizationDrometrizole is an ultraviolet light absorber (UVA) of the hydroxyphenyl benzotriazole class, imparting good light stability to a wide variety of polymers.
  • ApplicationsDrometrizole provides ultraviolet protection in a wide variety of polymers including styrene homoand copolymers, engineering plastics such as polyesters and acrylic resins, polyvinyl chloride, and other halogen containing polymers and copolymers (e.g. vinylidenes), acetals and cellulose esters. Elastomers, adhesives, polycarbonate blends, polyurethanes, and some cellulose esters and epoxy materials also benefit from the use of Drometrizole.
  • Features/benefitsDrometrizole features a strong absorption of ultraviolet radiation in the 300-400 nm region. It also has a high degree of photostability over long periods of light exposure. The high absorbance combined with photostability and the ability to release absorbed energy in non sensitizing ways make Drometrizole an effective stabilizer against the effects of ultraviolet light.
  • Guidelines for useThe use levels of Drometrizole range between 0.10% and 0.50%, depending on substrate and performance requirements of the final application. Drometrizole can be used alone or in a variety of blends and combinations with Ciba IRGAFOS®, Ciba IRGANOX® and Ciba CHIMASSORB® stabilizers where often a synergistic performance is observed. Drometrizole may react with various heavy metal ions to form salts or complexes. For example, if Drometrizole comes into contact with iron or cobalt ions, colored complexes are formed. Reducing and oxidizing agents used in polymerization and curing processes have no effect on the stability of Drometrizole.
  • Physical Properties
  • SafetyIn accordance with good industrial practice, handle with care and avoid unnecessary personal contact. Protect skin. Prevent contamination of the environment. Avoid dust formation and ignition sources.
  • Chemical PropertiesLight yellow powder
  • UsesDrometrizole is an intermediate reactant in the synthesis of UV light absorbers for polyester fibers.
  • UsesAn ultraviolet light absorber for stabilizing plastics and other organic materials against discoloration and deterioration.
  • Uses2(2-Hydroxy-5-methylphenyl)benzotriazol is an UV adsorber for use in plastics, cosmetics, dental materials, acrylic materials, dyes, etc.
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