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Ferrous sulfide

Basic information Uses Preparation Reactions Safety Related Supplier
Ferrous sulfide Basic information
Ferrous sulfide Chemical Properties
  • Melting point:1195 °C
  • Boiling point:decomposes [HAW93]
  • Density 4.84 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
  • storage temp. no restrictions.
  • form Sticks
  • Specific Gravity4.84
  • color Grayish-black
  • OdorOdorless
  • Water Solubility Soluble in water(0.0062g/L ), in acids with evolution of hydrogen sulfide. Insoluble in nitric acid.
  • Sensitive Moisture Sensitive
  • Merck 14,4058
  • Solubility Product Constant (Ksp)pKsp: 17.2
  • Stability:Stable. Incompatible with strong acids, strong bases, metal oxides. Avoid moisture.
  • CAS DataBase Reference1317-37-9(CAS DataBase Reference)
  • EPA Substance Registry SystemFerrous sulfide (1317-37-9)
Safety Information
Ferrous sulfide Usage And Synthesis
  • UsesIron(II) sulfide occurs in nature as the minerals magnetkies, troillite and pyrrhotine. The most important application of this compound is in Kipp’s apparatus as a source for laboratory preparation of hydrogen sulfide. It also is used in paints, pigments, and ceramics and lubricant coatings.
  • PreparationIron(II) sulfide may be synthesized from the elements but the product is contaminated with iron. The reaction is exothermic and the heat of reaction melts iron. Pure sulfide may be obtained by using a slight excess of sulfur: the excess then is distilled off.
    The compound also may be precipitated by treating an aqueous solution of an alkali metal sulfide with that of iron(II) chloride or any iron(II) salt solution:
    S2– (aq) + Fe2+ (aq) → FeS(s)
    Another method of preparation involves passing a mixture of hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen over iron(III) oxide at about 1,000°C:
    Fe2O3 + 2H2S + H2 → 2FeS + 3H2O
  • ReactionsIron(II) sulfide reacts with acids evolving hydrogen sulfide:
    FeS + 2HCl → H2S + FeCl2
    The compound is readily oxidized under moist condition by action of air, forming triiron tetroxide and elemental sulfur:
    3FeS + 2O2 → Fe3O4 + 3S
    The above reaction is exothermic.
    Iron(II) sulfide decomposes to its elements when heated above 1,100°C:
    FeS → Fe + S
    When heated with boiled water, it generates sulfuric acid and hydrogen:
    4FeS + 8H2O + 7O2 → 4H2SO4 + 4H2 + Fe2O3
  • Chemical Propertiesgrey to brown-black lumps or powder
  • Physical propertiesColorless hexagonal or tetragonal crystals; density 4.7g/cm3; melts at 1188°C; insoluble in water; soluble in acids (reacts).
  • UsesIron(II) sulfide is used to generate hydrogen sulfide instantaneously by reacting with hydrochloric acid. In laboratory, Kipp?s apparatus is utilized for this purpose. It is used as a re-sulphurizing and alloying agent, as a reducing agent to remove heavy metal impurities from phosphoric acid. It is used to control hydrogen embrittlement in alloy and stainless steel industries.
  • UsesFerrous sulfide can be used as a laboratory source of H2S; in the ceramic industry; as a paint pigment; in anodes; in lubricant coatings.
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