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BORON PHOSPHATE Basic information
BORON PHOSPHATE Chemical Properties
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BORON PHOSPHATE Usage And Synthesis
  • Chemical Propertieswhite not hygroscopic crystal(s); prepared by reacting boric acid and phosphoric acid up to 1200°C: B(OH)3+H3PO4=BPO4+3H2O; used in special glasses [HAW93]
  • Physical propertiesPhysical Properties White infusible solid; density 1.873 g/mL; sublimates slowly above 1,450°C; soluble in water, decomposes to phosphoric acid and boric acid; pH of 1% solution is ~2.0.
  • UsesBoron phosphate is used as an acid catalyst for dehydration of alcohols to olefins; isomemization of olefins; nitration of aromatic hydrocarbons; polymerization of aldehydes and other synthetic reactions. It also is used as a flux in silica-based porcelain and ceramics; special glasses; and acid cleaners.
  • PreparationBoron phosphate is prepared by heating an equimolar mixture of boric acid and phosphoric acid at 1,000 to 1,200°C:
    H3BO3 + H3PO4 → BPO4 + 3H2O
    Various preparative methods are adopted at nonstoichiometric formulations, incomplete dehydration or using oxide additives to obtain boron phosphate of varying purity for its catalytic applications. The compound also forms hydrates (tri- tetra-, penta-, and hexahydrates) which readily decompose in water to phosphoric acid and boric acid.
BORON PHOSPHATE Preparation Products And Raw materials
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