Basic information Safety Related Supplier


Basic information Safety Related Supplier
Escitalopram Basic information
Escitalopram Chemical Properties
  • alpha D +12.33° (c = 1 in methanol)
  • Boiling point:428.3±45.0 °C(Predicted)
  • Density 1.18±0.1 g/cm3(Predicted)
  • pka9.57±0.28(Predicted)
  • CAS DataBase Reference128196-01-0(CAS DataBase Reference)
Escitalopram Usage And Synthesis
  • Usesantidepressive;selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor
  • DefinitionChEBI: A 1-[3-(dimethylamino)propyl]-1-(4-fluorophenyl)-1,3-dihydro-2-benzofuran-5-carbonitrile that has S-configuration at the chiral centre. It is the active enantiomer of citalopram.
  • Mechanism of actionEscitalopram is the S-enantiomer of citalopram that binds with high affinity and selectivity to the human SERT equivalent to (±)-citalopram. It has been reported that nearly all the activity resides in the S-enantiomer and that R-citalopram actually counteracts the action of the S-enantiomer. Studies show that escitalopram exhibits twice the activity of citalopram and is at least 27 times more potent than the R-enantiomer. The R-enantiomer inhibits the S-enantiomer at the transporter. Escitalopram's mechanism of action is common to the SSRIs.
  • PharmacokineticsThe pharmacokinetics for escitalopram does not exhibit stereoisomer selectivity and, therefore, is similar to that for citalopram. Likewise, it exhibits linear pharmacokinetics so that plasma levels increase proportionately and predictably with increased doses, and its half-life of 27 to 32 hours is consistent with once-daily dosing. It also has been found that R-citalopram is cleared more slowly than the S-enantiomer. Therefore, when the drug is used as a racemic mixture (citalopram), the inactive isomer predominates at steady state. This is an added incentive for use of the enantiomerically pure escitalopram. Escitalopram has negligible effects on CYP isoforms, suggesting a low potential for drug–drug interactions. Escitalopram is indicated for patients with major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and social anxiety disorder.
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