Basic information Safety Related Supplier


Basic information Safety Related Supplier
2-LINOLEOYL-RAC-GLYCEROL Basic information
2-LINOLEOYL-RAC-GLYCEROL Chemical Properties
  • Melting point:9°C
  • Boiling point:485.0±40.0 °C(Predicted)
  • Density 0.981±0.06 g/cm3(Predicted)
  • Flash point:2℃
  • storage temp. -20°C
  • pka13.54±0.10(Predicted)
  • BRN 1715064
  • CAS DataBase Reference3443-82-1
Safety Information
  • Chemical PropertiesColourless Oil
  • UsesA fatty acid
  • Uses2-Arachidonoyl glycerol (2-AG) has been isolated from porcine brain, and has been characterized as the natural endocannabinoid ligand for the CB1 receptor. The congener of 2-AG in which a linoleoyl group replaces the arachidonoyl group is 2-linoleoyl glycerol (2-LG), and this compound also appears in vivo in conjunction with 2-AG. Although the intrinsic activity of 2-LG is low, it potentiates the activity of other endocannabinoids, including 2-AG. This “entourage” effect has been attributed to blockade of the breakdown and reuptake pathways that normally function to reduce endocannabinoid levels rapidly upon release.
  • DefinitionChEBI: A 2-monoglyceride where linoleoyl forms the 2-acyl group.
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