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Neutral dyes

Neutral dye is a chromium metal dye. It is mainly chelated by coordination metal atoms (metal chromium, cobalt, etc.) and the mother dye (acidic azo dyes) molecules at the ratio of 1: 2. Such as neutral orange RL, neutral red GRL, neutral gray 2BL. Its water-soluble is slightly worse than metal complex, and it can be dyed in neutral or slightly acidic solution. Neutral dyes suits vinylon, nylon, silk, wool and tussah silk. Neutral dye has a higher fastness.

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  • Structure:
  • Chemical Name:Basic Red 5
  • CAS:553-24-2
  • MF:C15H17ClN4

  • Chemical Name:Acid Black 107
  • CAS:12218-96-1
  • MF:[C38H22N7O12S.Cr.2Na]; [C36H19N6O11S.Cr.2Na]

  • Structure:
  • Chemical Name:Acid Orange 88
  • CAS:12239-03-1
  • MF:C32H28CrN10NaO8S2-