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Glyceryl monostearate  Structure

Glyceryl monostearate

Chemical Properties

Melting point 78-81 °C
Boiling point 410.96°C (rough estimate)
Density  0.9700
refractive index  1.4400 (estimate)
storage temp.  Sealed in dry,Store in freezer, under -20°C
solubility  Soluble in hot ethanol, ether, chloroform, hot acetone, mineral oil, and fixed oils. Practically insoluble in water, but may be dispersed in water with the aid of a small amount of soap or other surfactant.
form  Powder
color  Pure-white or cream-colored, wax-like solid
Odor faint odor
Water Solubility  Soluble in hot organic solvents.Soluble in hot water. Slightly soluble in ethanol. Insoluble in aliphatic solvents.
Merck  14,4489
Exposure limits ACGIH: TWA 10 mg/m3; TWA 3 mg/m3
FDA 21 CFR 184.1324; 582.1324; 175.210; 175.300; 176.200; 201.327; 310.545
Substances Added to Food (formerly EAFUS) GLYCERYL MONOSTEARATE
CAS DataBase Reference 31566-31-1(CAS DataBase Reference)
EWG's Food Scores 1
EPA Substance Registry System Glyceryl monostearate (31566-31-1)
Cosmetics Info Glyceryl Stearate


WGK Germany  1
Toxicity LD50 ipr-mus: 200 mg/kg NTIS** AD277-689
NFPA 704:
0 0

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