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Basic information Safety Related Supplier
thenalidine Basic information
thenalidine Chemical Properties
  • Melting point:95-97°
  • Boiling point:bp0.02 158-160°
  • pkapKa 3.36±0.06(H2O t undefined I = 0.30 (NaCl)) (Uncertain);8.39±0.07(H2O t undefined I = 0.30 (NaCl)) (Uncertain)
thenalidine Usage And Synthesis
  • brand nameSanbosten.
  • World Health Organization (WHO)Thenalidine, a piperidine antihistamine, was introduced in 1953 for the management of dermatologic and allergic conditions. By 1958 its use had been associated with cases of severe neutropenia, two of them fatal, which led to its withdrawal in the United States of America and subsequently in the United Kingdom. Over the next fifteen years, continued reports of its association with cases of neutropenia resulted in further withdrawals in many countries. It is apparently still available, however, in some combination products.
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