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Disease-resistant serum

Disease-resistant serum is a general term of antibacterial, antiviral and antitoxic serum. The immune serum derived from bacterial endotoxin or toxin immunity horse and other large animals is called antitoxin, such as tetanus antitoxin and gas gangrene antitoxin. If the immune serum derived from bacteria immunity horse or other large animals, it is called antibacterial serum, such as haemorrhagic septicaemia resistant polyvalent serum, anthrax antisera, etc. If the immune serum derived from virus immunity horse or other large animals, it is called antiviral serum, such as swine fever antisera.

Immune sera contain a large number of specific antibodies. The animals injected with this serum will immediately get the ability to resist this infection. So disease-resistant serum can work for emergency preventing injection in the area where a certain contagion have taken place or is prone to happen. But for the short-term disease resistance, thus after one week of immune serum injection, we should continue to inject bacterin, vaccine or endotoxin to get the long-term immunity. Besides used as emergency prevention, immune serum can also be used as a therapy. For the specificity the antibody of an immune serum contained with, the immune serum can only be used as a therapy or an emergency preventing injection for a specific disease.

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