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Antimalarial drug

Antimalarial drug are drugs that treat trematode, divided into anti-schistosomiasis drugs and other anti-fluke drugs.

Anti-schistosomiasis drugs are drugs used to treat diseases caused by Schistosoma mansoni, Schistosoma japonicum and Schistosoma japonicum.
The anti-fluke drugs include drugs that used to treat diseases caused by liver fluke, Clonorchis sinensis, paragonimiasis and ginger worms.

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  • Structure:
  • Chemical Name:Praziquantel
  • CAS:55268-74-1
  • MF:C19H24N2O2

  • Structure:
  • Chemical Name:Bithionol
  • CAS:97-18-7
  • MF:C12H6Cl4O2S

  • Structure:
  • Chemical Name:Niclosamide
  • CAS:50-65-7
  • MF:C13H8Cl2N2O4