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Starch is a versatile excipient used primarily in oral solid-dosage formulations where it is utilized as a binder, diluent, and disintegrant.<br/> As a diluent, starch is used for the preparation of standardized triturates of colorants, potent drugs, and herbal extracts, facilitating subsequent mixing or blending processes in manufacturing operations. Starch is also used in dry-filled capsule formulations for volume adjustment of the fill matrix, and to improve powder flow, especially when using dried starches. Starch quantities of 3–10% w/w can act as an antiadherent and lubricant in tableting and capsule filling.<br/> In tablet formulations, freshly prepared starch paste is used at a concentration of 3–20% w/w (usually 5–10%, depending on the starch type) as a binder for wet granulation. The required binder ratio should be determined by optimization studies, using parameters such as tablet friability and hardness, disintegration time, and drug dissolution rate.<br/> Starch is one of the most commonly used tablet disintegrants at concentrations of 3–25% w/w; a typical concentration is 15%. When using starch, a prior granulation step is required in most cases to avoid problems with insufficient flow and segregation. A starch– lactose compound has been introduced enabling the use of granular starch in direct compression, improving the tableting process and the disintegration time of the tablets. However, starch that is not pregelatinized does not compress well and tends to increase tablet friability and capping if used in high concentrations. Balancing the elastic properties of starch with adapted excipients has been shown to improve the compaction properties in tableting.<br/> Starch, particularly the fine powders of rice and wheat starch, is also used in topical preparations for its absorbency of liquids. Starch paste is used in ointment formulations, usually in the presence of higher ratios of glycerin.<br/> Starch has been investigated as an excipient in novel drug delivery systems for nasal, and other site-specific delivery systems. The retrogradation of starch can be used to modify the surface properties of drug particles. Starches are useful carriers for amorphous drug preparations, such as pellets with immediate or delayed drug release obtained, for example, by melt extrusion, and they can improve the bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs.<br/> Starch, particularly rice starch, has also been used in the treatment of children’s diarrheal diseases. Specific starch varieties with a high amylose content (resistant starches) are used as insoluble fiber in clinical nutrition, and also for colon-targeting applications. Due to their very high gelatinization temperature, these starches are used in extrusion/spheronization processes. Starches with a high amylopectin content (waxy starches) are used as the starting material for the synthesis of hydroxyethyl starch, a plasma volume expander.<br/> Native starches conforming to pharmacopeial specifications are used as the raw materials for the production of starch-based excipients and active pharmaceutical ingredients, frequently covered with their own pharmacopeial monographs.
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