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Holo-transferrin is the transferrin of the holo iron. It is a kind of iron-binding blood plasmaglycoproteins that is capable of regulating the level of free iron (Fe) in biological fluids. It is responsible for iron transportation in vertebrate serum and donating irons to cells through interaction with the CD71 membrane receptor. Transferrin is crucial for proliferating cells as a growth factor to initiate and maintain the DNA synthesis. It can also act as a cytokine. It is mainly synthesized in liver inside the human body. It is responsible to deliver iron from duodenum and white blood cells macrophages to all the other tissues, and is a key protein to maintain in vivo iron homeostasis. Increased plasma transferrin level is related to diseases such as iron deficiency anemia while decrease plasma transferrin is related to iron overload diseases and protein malnutrition.
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  • Company Name:Shanghai Baoman Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
  • Tel:021-62130998
  • Products Intro:Product Name:HOLO-TRANSFERRIN;Transferrin human;TF;TRF
    Purity:99% Package:g-kg More...
  • CB Index:55
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  • Company Name:Lingyuan Bebiansen Biological Technology Co., Ltd
  • Tel:18642120371
  • Products Intro:Product Name:TRF
    Purity:BR,98% Package:10mg
  • CB Index:58
  • Related Information:Catalog(10002)
  • Company Name:J & K SCIENTIFIC LTD.
  • Tel:400-666-7788 010-82848833-
  • Products Intro:Product Name:Transferrin huMan (Holo) lyophil., pasteurized
    Package:25MG More...
  • CB Index:76
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  • Company Name:3B Pharmachem (Wuhan) International Co.,Ltd.
  • Tel:18930552037 821-50328103-801
  • Products Intro:Product Name:HOLO-TRANSFERRIN
    Purity:99% HPLC Package:1Mg ; 5Mg;10Mg ;100Mg;250Mg ;500Mg ;1g;2.5g ;5g ;10g More...
  • CB Index:69
  • Related Information:Catalog(15877)
  • Company Name:BEST-REAGENT
  • Tel:18981987031 400-1166-196
  • Products Intro:Product Name:HOLO-TRANSFERRIN
    Purity:99% HPLC Package:10g;50g;100g;500g;1kg;5kg;25kg More...
  • CB Index:57
  • Related Information:Catalog(11718)
  • Company Name:Spectrum Chemical Manufacturing Corp.
  • Tel:18616765336
  • Products Intro:Product Name:apo-Transferrin, Iron free, Powder
    Package:100MG Remarks:T3915 More...
  • CB Index:60
  • Related Information:Catalog(9686)
  • Company Name:Wuhan Fortuna Chemical Co., Ltd
  • Tel:13308628970 027-59207852-
  • Products Intro:CAS:11096-37-0
  • CB Index:58
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