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Xylyl bromide.

Xylyl bromide. Structure
Xylyl bromide.
  • CAS No.35884-77-6
  • Chemical Name:Xylyl bromide.
  • CBNumber:CB51253332
  • Molecular Formula:CH3C6H4CH2Br
  • Formula Weight:185.06
  • MOL File:35884-77-6.mol
Xylyl bromide. Property
Hazard and Precautionary Statements (GHS)
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Xylyl bromide. Chemical Properties,Usage,Production

  • Chemical Properties Colorless liquid; pleasant aromatic odor. Decomposed slowly by water. Combustible.
  • Uses Organic synthesis, tear gas.
  • Hazard Toxic by inhalation and ingestion; strong irritant to eyes, skin, and tissue.
  • Safety Profile A poison. A powerful irritant. When heated to decomposition it emits toxic fumes of Br-.
Xylyl bromide. Preparation Products And Raw materials
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Xylyl bromide. Suppliers
  • Supplier: Energy Chemical
  • Tel:400-005-6266 021-58432009-
  • Fax:021-58436166
  • Country:China
  • ProdList:44728
  • Advantage:58
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