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  •       Shandong Quark Chemical Co., Ltd. was established as a branch company of Shandong Yanshuo Chemical Co., Ltd. We are the manufacturer of THF(Tetrahydrofuran) and one of the leading suppliers of chemical solvents in Northern China. The annual output of our THF has reached 15,000 tons. And we have more than 25 years experience in basic chemicals and solvents, these products are widely used in agriculture industry, food additive industry, paint & coating industry, pharmaceutical industry and polymer additive industry. Currently,Yanshuo Chemical is quickly developing the produce and distribute of high-quality pharmaceuticals, intermediates, special chemicals and OLED intermediates and other fine chemicals. Yanshuo chemical has a professional team to provide our customers with experienced sales and after-sales services, and efficient logistics support. We work closely together with our production team to assure timely and cost-effective production of quality products. Our mission is to find solutions for customers demand.
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