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  •       Dideu Medichem always takes on some of the human biggest healthcare challenges. It delivers a sustainable business and health benefits to patients through its high quality products. Dideu develops a broad range of products in pharmaceuticals, vaccines and consumer healthcare, and has leading products across various therapeutic areas including cardiovascular and respiratory disease,neurological disorders, asthma, cancer, infections, mental health, gastrointestinal infection,diabetes and digestive conditions. It is one of the best companies to have a good growth in emerging markets recent years; Dideu is improving people’s quality of life by preventing, alleviating and treating diseases. And we are also have subsidiary company helping to provide a reliable supply of high quality green agrucutural chemical, high-quality food, feed and plant-based raw materials.We develop new molecules for use in innovative products and solutions to improve health. Our research and development activities are based on a profound understanding of the biochemical processes in living organisms.Our goal is to achieve and sustain leadership positions in our markets, thus creating value for our customers, stockholders and employees. To this end, our strategy is designed to help solve some of the most pressing challenges facing humankind, and by doing this exceptionally well we aim to strengthen the company’s earning power. We are committed to operating sustainably and addressing our social and ethical responsibilities as a corporate citizen, while at the same time respecting the interests of all our stakeholders. Employees with a passion for innovation enjoy excellent development opportunities at Dideu. Pharmaceuticals Subsidiary The Pharmaceuticals Division, our largest in terms of sales, is focused on the following areas in which we aim to make decisive contributions to medical progress: oncology, cardiology and hematology, gynecology, neurology, infectious diseases, men’s health, ophth
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