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  •       Shaanxi Yikanglong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech biochemical enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of animal and plant extracts, pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates. The company has a world-class biotechnology research and development team. The company consists of R&D department, production department, sales department, administrative department, quality control inspection and procurement department, strictly controls all aspects of raw materials from harvesting and processing to packaging and transportation, ensuring that product quality meets high standards and pays attention to Highly educated and highly qualified personnel training, the research and development department has 30 doctoral and master's degree holders, and the rest of the departments are mainly undergraduate talents. Products cover the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics industry, with 8 liquid chromatography, 3 gas chromatography, 2 ICP-MS, 2 UV detection, 3 automatic moisture detection, irradiation residual PPSL detection, Switzerland imported thin layer scanning (HPTLC), GC/LC-MS-MS and a professional microbiological control system. Yikanglong adheres to the concept of “high quality, high service and high image”, allowing “customers to pay a price and buy 100 million copies of peace of mind”. Through advanced technology and scientific management methods, we strive to provide excellent product quality and professionalism. Concentrated service, 100% customer satisfaction, our products sell well in Europe, America, Asia and many other countries, is the preferred quality supplier for many Nasdaq listed companies. In Yikang Long, not only is it a product, but it is also a relief.
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