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  •        Nanjing Gold Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional modern pharmaceutical enterprise in R&D, manufacturing and commerce of API and medical intermediate. Our principle is priority to service and integrity; and to serve clients with technology accumulation and qualified products. Nanjing Gold was established at July 2012. R&D and commerce centre locates at science park of Nanjing Tech University; Plants distribute in Wuxi, Lianyungang and Weinan, the total area is 30000㎡。 We are GMP and ISO certified; approved with FDA. At present we build a stable production system with the capacity form gram to kilogram to ton; and we are able to achieve rapid response in R&D, pilot testing and mass production of new products, to timely transform the new technology into productivity. Since establishment, we always persist in innovation and development, and focus on creative ability. And we are keeping close partnership with China Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing Tech University, Xi’an Jiaotong University and Northwest University, which providing us with sustaining creative power to make us always to be the pioneer of new pharmaceuticals. We are major in R&D of new API, keeping up with international developments and improving the high activity and high challenge new API and intermediate by continuous innovation; especially in innovating key material of new medicines on cardiovascular, targeting anticancer and diabetes. We appreciate the support and cooperation of new and old clients, and carrying the business to us. We sincerely look forward to enhance our mutual benefits and friendship by our integrity, quality, efficient and professional service. Wish we can work together to great success!
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