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  •       Huida Biotech Co., Ltd. was established in 2020, headquartered in Hangzhou, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Huadong Medicine. The company focuses on the research & development and scaling up of pharmaceutical active substances, intermediates or big health products from microbial fermentation, and is a scientific and technological innovative oriented enterprise. Huida Biotech, a subsidiary of Huadong Medicine, is engaged in the research & development, and scaling up of microbial fermentation products. Huida has established powerful synthetic biology and fermentation platforms to produce high-quality, rare and costly ingredients. Huida's main R & D pipeline includes ADCs compounds, Antitumor natural compounds, Antibacterial compounds, Antifungal compounds, Enlarged health products including animal health products, etc. Huida's main R & D site is located in Xiangfuqiao, Hangzhou, the area exceeds 2,000 m2 , Huida has 42 employees, and more than 200 Huadong R & D employees serve Huida.
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