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  •       Wuhan ChemNorm Biotech Co.,Ltd., established in March 2011, the company is located in wuhan east lake high-tech development zone, the company has a staff of 80 people, various types of senior technical staff of 25 people. The company is committed to providing high quality rare plant chemicals and derivatives R&D purposes, professional provide high purity pharmaceutical ingredient separation and purification technology solutions, and has developed into a high-tech company, integrating research, production and service of high-performance component separation and purification of natural drugs and Chinese medicine reference substance. The company has established many LABS separation and purification of natural products such as saponins, flavonoids and alkaloids, in view of the structural characteristics of the main effective components of Chinese traditional medicine and natural herbs.Specialization can help us to more efficiently make its development process and its product more reliable, and makes possible high purity of rapid separation and purification of pharmaceutical ingredients form mg - level to kg - level.Since the first day of the established, ChemNorm has been committed to the separation and purification technology platform of ingredient is more and more close to perfect, and make itself China's largest supplier of active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine R&D and reference materials. At present, the company with the domestic scientific research institutions to establish a long-term project cooperation relationship.Cooperation advantages on this, the company to "professional, innovation, good faith" to meet each client.Now the company has more than 1300 varieties, and in not only increase;The company is actively expand the international market, looking for more partners. We hope to cooperate with enterprises at home and abroad widely, the development of traditional Chinese medicine industry with modern technology, make it was welcomed by all over t
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