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  •       Amatek Scientific Co. Ltd. founded in 2007, is a professional research chemical supplier specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales. The headquarters is located in the Zhangjiagang Economy & Technology Development Zone of Zhangjiagang, China, with over 30000 square feet sales office/ research laboratory and 20000 square feet pilot plant. Amatek Scientific is dedicated to providing high-quality chemical products to pharmaceutical company and scientific research institutions in China and international markets. Our team has had extensive expertise and an excellent background in synthetic chemistry, project management, CRO, QC/QA, pilot plant etc. We can produce and provide a wide range of products (20000+) with particular emphasis on amino acid and heterocyclic compounds. Amatek Scientific can satisfy various requirements ranging from lab scale experiment, pilot scale test to commercial production. We will persist in the technical innovation, design and develop novel organic products to satisfy the demands in the field of research over the world. [Product] Amatek Scientific cover organic/inorganic regeants and high-level HPLC solvent,including uunatural amino acid、organic building block、metal-catalysis and Phosphine ligand、and special chiral and heterocylic products that are applied widely in pharmaceutical, material science, environmental chemistry and biochemistry industries. The Leading Supplier of Unnatural Amino Acids in China The Leading Supplier of Organic Building Block in China
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